Welcome Hange Emile

Dear readers from around the world,

After seeing off a 2008 filled with novelties and new developments, the year 2009 takes off with its share of encouragement for the mission we partake.

The following has been previously mentioned in our objectives, and today, our idea has become a reality: Hange Emile Zechariah Conte, a young Sierra-Leon native, was 16 years old at the onset of the conflicts that took place within his country in 1994. He then took refuge in Senegal.  It was in this context that the bonds were gradually formed between Hange Emile and the founding members of the Association Lydie.  He has since dedicated his life to humanitarian and social actions, always looking ahead for the next challenge.

A few days ago, during an informal discussion, Hange Emile proposed to extend Lydie’s mission to the country that gave birth to him and that he loves deeply.  He plans to return to Sierra-Leon at the end of 2009 to bring a fight that has been carefully thought through for some years, in an attempt to repair the damage that has been done. Through education, he plans to arm the leaders of tomorrow; the children that have inherited a country devastated by this absurd conflict.

It didn’t take long for this simple mission to take off and make a reality the objective that we had established a year ago. We are making this announcement official.  A new ambassador joins us today, who will help us extend our mission beyond the current borders of our fight.

Welcome Hange Emile! May you have prosperity within the Association Lydie!

Notre Mission

L’Association Lydie a pour but de venir en aide aux jeunes filles défavorisées (abandonnées, orphelines, parents handicapés…) d’Afrique de l’Ouest qui n’ont pas les moyens financiers de poursuivre leurs études scolaires.
Elle prend en charge la totalité des frais comme les inscriptions, les vêtements, le transport, la cantine, les frais médicaux d’urgence, depuis la maternelle jusqu’aux études supérieures. L’Association Lydie assure également un soutien moral et un accompagnement des filles dans leur parcours scolaire.


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